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Garditalaawaj Privacy And Policy

Privacy And Policy For My Garditalaawaj Blog Website.

Website Ownership

My website (www.garditalaawaj.com) is a individual blog website for indian users.

User Data Collection

We do not want to collect personal information from my readers or users. My blog website will be send emails to my readers.

Data Tracking Tools

I have used my google Analytics tools for tracking activities of my blog readers.

Show Ads

I want show google ads on my blog website.

Facebook Pixel

I have no installed facebook pixel on my blog website.

Social Media Used

I have used facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/garditalaawaj) for my blog website.

Website For Children

my website content is not for under 13 years old user.

My blog readers can contact us using

Email : garditalaawaj@gmail.com

Phone : 9665656723

Contact Page : – https://garditalaawaj.com/contact-us/=


my blog website does not use geolocation system.

Accepts Payments

my blog website (https://garditalaawaj.com/) does not accept any type of payment from our visitor.